A 296% Increase in Transactions through Productive SEO Activities!

After half a year of SEO activities for the Etam online boutique store, we can proudly state that we’ve achieved success.

The aim was to increase visibility, traffic, and transactions, and thus, an increase in revenue from e-commerce.

In a short time, we proved the value of our actions by providing the customer with tangible results and ROI using effective SEO tactics. After nearly six months of cooperation, the website recorded:

Increase in organic traffic

A 240% increase was achieved when comparing July 2018 to July 2017 (peak season), and a 144% increase from the beginning of the cooperation (March) to July 2018.

Increase in the number of transactions

The increase in organic traffic usually weakens the conversion rate. However, in this case, the increase in the number of transactions was even greater (+296% y/y) than the increase in traffic.

Greater visibility

High positions for many key phrases:

Michał Skarżyński, eCommerce Manager at ETAM Poland

“After several months of cooperation, we see significant increases in key positions and an expected increase in organic traffic. We believe that Whites’ continued efforts will translate into excellent SEO results.”

Key success factors

  • Close cooperation with the client, and building a strategy around the real business goal of the client (increase in revenue), not just SEO-related indicators.


  • Own analytical toolsWhiteDog: Today, each industry and even category of inquiries has different weightings of ranking factors. At Whites, we use automated reverse engineering tools that automatically identify the key success factors for a given query.