How do We Work with Our Clients? – Virgin Mobile Workshops about Design of Mobile Website

While discussing with potential customers, we emphasize the importance of the partnership approach and close cooperation. Thanks to this, our actions are effective and we build long-term value. How does it look like in practice? A good example is definitely our recent SEO and UX workshop, where together with Virgin Mobile we designed their new mobile website.

The challenge

While our cooperation with our Client, Virgin Mobile, we conducted workshops on a mock-up of the mobile version of the website. The telecommunication industry is specific because much of the traffic comes from a mobile source. This often results in a less stable Internet connection. Although Virgin Mobile’s previous mobile website looked attractive and worked well with a good internet connection, it reads far too long with weaker data transmission. And everyone who uses a phone “outside” or with a weaker WiFi signal is exposed to this risk. Therefore, in the case of Virgin Mobile, we haven’t had mistakes to face – our core recommendation of changes was to speed up the website.

Speeding up the website has two main benefits. From the SEO point of view, this is primarily a confirmation of Google’s belief that the site is user-friendly and fully deserves to appear on the visible positions.

At Whites, however, we do not limit ourselves to indicating just good positions – we want to give our customers tangible benefits as traffic and conversions.

This is related to the second advantage of speeding up the mobile version. It is no secret that users who visit the site using their mobile phones are particularly impatient. When we reduce the loading time of a website, it decreases the bounce rate. In other words, it reduces the number of times you leave the site before you give it a chance and interact with it.

People involved in this project:

  • SEO expert (Whites Agency),
  • Account Manager (Whites Agency),
  • Web developer (Virgin Mobile),
  • E-commerce Manager (Virgin Mobile),
  • Marketing Specialist (Virgin Mobile).

The course of workshops

During the workshops, we introduced Virgin Mobile to AMP technology. We are closely following the latest news related to this solution. During this year’s SMX conference it was recommended by a representative of British Vodafone – a website with the same profile as Virgin Mobile. The use of this technology still has many disadvantages and complications. During the workshop, we presented both arguments “pros and cons”. In this way, our client could make a fully aware decision.

Thanks to Whites agency’s good recommendations regarding SEO and UX, we have successfully implemented a new mobile version of our website.

-Mateusz Piotrowski, PR Manager Virgin Mobile Poland

A further stage of the cooperation was based on the common design of the new mobile version and the current feedback of the created mockups.

Here is why SEO specialist is essential in such work:

  1. Constantly monitors whether the proposed solutions are too “heavy”. A large number of elements can lead to problems with long page loading.
  2. Makes the designers aware and highlights the importance of the pages that generate the most organic traffic. Usually, it is not the main page but offers/services and blog pages. Therefore, we must design the website in such a way that the user knows where he is, regardless of the page of the entry.
  3. Makes proposals for internal linking. From the SEO point of view, the mobile version of the website must be linked by a relatively dense and justified network of internal links. This facilitates traffic not only for users but also for Google robots.
  4. Ensures that the design of the new mobile website provides sufficient space for text. Google’s algorithm tries to understand what a website offers based on its content.

Effects of workshops

Our client added the SEO specialist and an additional expert voice to the project team. During the workshops, we managed to work out specific solutions for the future mobile website of Virgin Mobile.

Customer’s opinion

The main objective of our activities is to increase the positive experiences of our customers both offline and online. The significant growth of mobile traffic has made us wonder for a long time how to combine the above mentioned positive experiences with the product and legal requirements for telecommunication operators. We also considered choosing the right technology, which on the one hand will have a positive impact on our online position and on the other hand will allow us to provide our customers with what they need. In the course of work, we understood that AMP technology currently promoted by Google – as yet – does not give us such opportunities. Therefore, in cooperation with Whites Agency and a team of developers, we decided to choose a different solution. Additionally, thanks to good SEO and UX recommendations, we have successfully implemented a new mobile version of our website.

– Mateusz Piotrowski, PR Manager Virgin Mobile Poland