How to Obtain Leads on the Real Estate Market?

We would like to show you our approach to PPC activities. For this purpose, we will give you examples. We will successively describe our case studies. Not necessarily the most spectacular ones – many of these projects are so specific that we would not be able to talk about them in detail without breaking the confidentiality clauses that bind us. We believe, however, that the examples we have presented will show that it is worthwhile to approach advertising activities flexibly and to constantly test new possibilities.

The campaign for Seaside Park was not an easy one. In a short time, we had to find the best channels and methods to target our online campaign to the hard-to-reach target group of investors interested in the real estate market. Our activities resulted in great success and therefore the Client decided to continue our cooperation. Below, you may see how we have managed to obtain leads interested to invest in real estate.

Main challenges of our campaign

Seaside Park is a prestigious investment in Kołobrzeg (a city on the Baltic seaside). Our client offers apartments with a view on the sea, which can be used as a private holiday apartment or property for rent (also with the option of guaranteed rental). With our campaign, we aimed to attract investors who are interested in purchasing these modern apartments. Therefore, we had to face a very difficult target – potential customers should have a budget of a minimum amount of nearly PLN 250 thousand (the smallest size apartments). There are not many people interested in such high investments. Additionally, the housing and development industry is very competitive, which makes it even more difficult to reach the target group.

Our activities

Our experience allowed us to identify the right targeted group from the very beginning. Thanks to our expertise the campaign immediately started to bring positive effects. Based on an in-depth analysis, we reacted on time and implemented necessary changes. Our team was responsible for the preparation of adverts from the creative stage, through the generation of messages, to their distribution. We conducted our campaign on Facebook, Google AdWords, and GDN. We also launched additional sources, such as mailing, which in this case proved to be a great support in gaining new customers.

The results of our campaign for Seaside

With our actions, we stabilized the positive trend in traffic quality and increased the conversion rate by 12%. So far, our team has obtained 1186 leads, which state over 80% of all filled contact forms during the campaign. At the same time, we managed to combine excellent effectiveness with a 16% reduction in the cost of conversion. Additionally, we directed a significant volume of interested users to the customer hotline. It also proves the increase of interest in Seaside Park’s investment after our online campaign.

Whites Agency is our trusted expert on AdWords campaigns. They have demonstrated full professionalism, reliability and timeliness. Whites Agency approach their clients in a very flexible way. All these factors quickly converted into gaining not only our trust but also new clients

Łukasz Waszek, Director of Equinox Capital Partners

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions regarding the above case study please contact Maciej Woźniak from Whites Agency, on Linkedin.