SEO & Content Solutions for 2 Decathlon’s brands – Whites Agency

Decathlon joined the group of Whites Agency clients. Our cooperation focuses on SEO and Content Marketing activities on 2 websites that belong to the brand: Fishster and Decathlon GO.

Decathlon is one of the leading sporting goods retailers, with over 1500 stores in 54 countries around the world. The company’s mission is to unite sports enthusiasts around one common goal – increasing the availability of physical activities. At Whites Agency, we are responsible for providing SEO and Content services for 2 websites that pursue the aforementioned objective of Decathlon. We describe them shortly below

Decathlon GO is a developing website that supports coaches and sport events managers. The service was established to promote the idea of group trainings, and to ease access to them. It gathers sports events and trainings of various sports disciplines in the biggest cities in Poland, allowing users to select any activity depending on location, type of sport and their level of advancement.

Fishster, in turn, is a site for people interested in angling. It helps connect the owners of fisheries and expedition organizers with beginner and experienced anglers. Besides, it is also a source of knowledge about fish, fisheries and fishing equipment.

Moreover, Fishster allows you to buy or rent sports equipment directly from the eCommerce Decathlon site. During our cooperation, we aim to tap into new niches by Decathlon. How? Through the websites, we want to educate and give new opportunities to the intended group, and hence build a community around the whole brand. Our next step is to create valuable content that meets the needs of athletes (DecathlonGO) and fishing lovers (

Our activities within the framework of cooperation:

  • formulating an SEO strategy – to acquire the audience from Google search engine at various decision-making stages,
  • creating valuable content that meets the interests and needs of users,
  • content to commerce,
  • technical optimization,
  • analytical audit,
  • link building.

“For us, both websites are important elements of communication. We know that by increasing organic visibility, we can reach the audience we are interested in. We want the content and solutions we develop to be valuable to users. The websites, most of all, have to be helpful and to create new opportunities for our customers. We believe that by doing so, we will build a group of loyal, returning individual customers, and cooperation with Whites Agency is one of the steps to move us closer towards our objective.”

– Paweł Antołek, Decathlon Project Manager

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