SEO support on three markets for Gunfire: an online airsoft seller

Gunfire, a pioneer of the airsoft sector, has just become our newest client. As a part of the deal, we will take care of SEO in Poland & two other markets.

Gunfire is an leading e-commerce shop, established in 2007. In its offer, we can find Airsoft replica guns, and tactical and military equipment, along with accessories to ASG & EDC replicas. Its services are available throughout Europe.

Konrad Pochodaj, Marketing Director at Gunfire, says:

The airsoft sector is a tough one from an e-commerce point of view. Restrictions in ad networks related to the specific product, commonly mistaken or wrongly classified as a firearm, makes managing ad campaigns or SEO activity – simply creating positive traffic – a huge challenge.

Our specialists are experienced in complicated and demanding topics. Our partnership started in the beginning of July and as a part of it, we have taken over SEO watch for and are also helping Gunfire with these areas:

  • a full analytical audit of the site, highlighting the areas to improve,
  • SEO strategy (creation plus implementation) for three markets, with the biggest focus on solutions enabling increase of organic sales,
  • creation plus implementation of a link building strategy for all three markets,
  • site optimization tasks,
  • creation of dedicated content, fitted to the target group needs, in line with SEO good practices.

In the upcoming months we are expecting to extend the partnership in terms of analytics, Marketing Automation solutions, and advanced Machine Learning and AI studies, with a focus on maximizing the conversion rate.

All the tasks are performed under the watch of a dedicated SEO specialist, working side by side with experts from different fields of digital marketing.

We were looking for an SEO agency with extensive, proven experience working for demanding clients; one which can showcase their success in complicated projects. We also recieved many positive recommendations from multiple sources, and were, furthermore, struck by their ability to power up our business in different aspects, such as advanced analytics. Even at the beginnings of our talks, the Whites team showed deep understanding of our problems and openness to our needs, delivering a precise blueprint of actions connected with a sales estimate.
With the start of our collaboration, besides the stable and strong growth of our SEO, based on very detailed factors and support of our projects, we are counting on new possibilities from advanced analytics, powered by AI mechanisms, along with the leadership and knowledge of the experienced Whites team, which represents much more than a standard SEO operation.

– Konrad Pochodaj, Marketing Director

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