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Data-driven SEO

We grow when you grow. That's why we're dedicated to expanding awareness of your brand, raising organic traffic to your website, and significantly increasing your online visibility like never before. How will we do all that? With our strongest assets: innovative technology and a team of seasoned experts. That powerful combo will produce the most efficient online growth strategies for you. Data-Driven SEO is a milestone that will catapult your business to the next level. By leveraging our expertise and support, you'll beat out your competitors in search engines, and become the most visible and valuable resource to your customers.

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Our experts have a singular goal — your business's online growth.

To achieve it, we'll use an extensive arsenal of tools:

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Content Marketing

Did you know that almost 70% of purchase decisions start in the search engine? What's more, up to 79% of people take action on their phone prior to making a purchase. It's crucial, by this stage, to reach your leads and establish a bond straight away. To achieve that, you need an excellent strategy and engaging, data-driven content. At Whites, we're keenly aware of the fast-changing online world, and we know how to respond to those changes. With our editorial team of over 100 content creators leveraging Big Data to craft value-packed content for you, your brand is sure to succeed. That's our top priority.

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We base our high-value content on data analysis.

Give your customers exactly what they need.

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Performance Marketing

Need us to conduct performance marketing activities for you? We'll focus primarily on acquiring the largest possible number of high-quality leads — ones that will more likely become your customers, and maybe eventually even your brand evangelists! Using our data-driven technology, our experts will select the most adequate channels and implement specific KPIs to meet your SMART goals. This will lead to increased brand visibility and awareness, empowering you to build not only a strong business reputation but also long-lasting relationships with your audience.

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We conduct data-driven performance marketing and budget optimization.

You'll reach desired conversions and achieve your business objectives.

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Social Media

Social media is dynamic, changing literally every day. It demands that you stay up-to-date with trends and tools alike, and that you regularly produce content that's both interesting and valuable to your audience. At Whites Agency, we combine social media activities with other channels and support communication with paid campaigns that boost visibility . With our hightly strategic approach to social media, we'll deeply analyze every action and effect. For your peace of mind, we'll plan and produce the content your audience will love to consume, and constantly test it to make sure it differentiates you as their preferred go-to resource.

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Want a truly engaged community looking up to your brand?

With us speaking on your behalf, that goal is definitely within reach.

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