Healthcare Marketing

Reach your target audience with low acquisition cost and persistent results on your new communication platform.

Precise Targeting

Imagine that you are about to launch a seasonal product, start a prevention campaign, or organize your own medical conference. In this case, you need a specific audience; and thus, you rely on fast and valuable growth. With our performance expertise, we provide you narrow and precise targeting.


“I have very nice memories of our cooperation with the Whites Agency while executing the promotional campaign of the Code4Life 2016 conference. The reliability and capabilities of their tools meant that we exceeded our expectations for the planned activities. I appreciate their involvement in the project, their flexible customization, and Whites’ fully professional approach.”

Aleksandra Pagórska

HR Coordinator, Roche Global IT Solutions

How do we use Growth Marketing make use of untapped potential?

Thanks to our performance activities, we activate untapped potential, which is crucial in two stages of your business development:

  1. While developing a new content platform, when there are very few users visiting your website
  2. When you need precise targeting to a narrow group of users at a specific time regarding content or a product

Examples of Campaign objectives in the Healthcare Sector:

  • Educate and raise awareness about health-related products/events
  • Motivate users to participate in prevention campaigns
  • Encourage better communication and cooperation with Healthcare specialists
  • Gather contact information from users interested in using Healthcare products/services

For our clients, we run Performance Marketing activities, by selecting the most adequate channels and implementing specific KPIs. Thanks to these campaigns, we lower the costs of user-acquisition and increase the number of total user interactions.

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Precise targeting - why does it matter in the Healthcare Sector?

Our performance activities include audience segmentation, increase brand awareness, build long-term relationships with your target group, and shape the desired image of your company.

  • Business oriented channel optimization

  • Maximized ROAS

  • User-matched content

Healthcare SEO Experts

The most relevant search results are those that match the user’s search intent. Therefore in our analyses, we always start by understanding how users search for health information.

How do we define the Key Ranking Factors in Healthcare based on user purchase intent in search?

To understand which factors influence organic ranking in the Healthcare Industry we leverage in-house technology and Reverse Engineering methodology, and we base our research on users’ search activity.

Here is a breakdown of the whole process:

When conducting analyses for a given market, we construct a set of thousands of health-related keywords. For the keywords that cover the Healthcare Industry, we download TOP 30 search results together with the source code of all included pages. The obtained data go through the authentication and cleaning process – the output precise and verified by our R&D experts.

Our Data Science team analyses over 100 potential ranking factors to distinguish the features of the winning ones. In the end, we consider the specifics of each Healthcare business and we form a set of precise optimization recommendations tailored to the individual client needs.

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  • 10,000 analysed drugstore keywords
  • 64 GB of source code data
  • >100 potential ranking factors

Why is this approach so effective?

Thanks to our expertise and research methodology we define Key Ranking Factors in the Healthcare Industry, which lets us provide precise optimization recommendations.

  • Reverse engineering

  • Deep content analysis

  • Clear-cut recommendations

Case Studies in Healthcare

How can you achieve an outstanding increase in organic visibility in the Healthcare sector and gain a competitive advantage in Google search results? Have a look below at case studies of our cooperation with clients from the Healthcare sector.


"Whites Agency supported us in the process of establishing a new online pharmacy, reaching and acquiring customers. This was a great challenge due to the competitive market and legal restrictions on the advertising of pharmaceutical products. Thanks to their experience in pharma marketing and their understanding of specifics of the healthcare industry, they quickly verified strategic objectives, leveraged synergy between different digital marketing activities, and came up with precise optimization recommendations. The high quality of this cooperation is proved by the fact that our SEO campaign was nominated and awarded in prestigious marketing events."

Jarosław Glapka

eCommerce Manager at NEUCA Group

Case 1. A new online pharmacy and 146% of the assumed growth on the website

We supported the development of an online pharmacy – Apteline (Neuca). The project sought to build organic reach and to attract customers for available therapeutic preparations and cosmetic/medical accessories. Our KPI was to generate 270,000 organic sessions per year.

We combined our content marketing activities with an SEO campaign:

  • Cooperation with editors in creating website content
  • Link building activities
  • SEO analysis and consulting


We exceeded the KPI by generating 395,000 organic sessions per year (starting from 0), which means 146% of the assumed growth.

We increased the number of keywords visible at the highest positions in Google SERP – 1850 keywords in TOP 3 and 5885 keywords in TOP 10.
Many articles from Neuca appeared in Featured Snippets.

  • 395,000 organic sessions
  • 1850 keywords in TOP3 Google
  • 146% of assumed growth


“The success factors are the partnership model of cooperation with Whites Agency as well as comprehensive and long-term activities. The development of is largely based on a consistent editorial policy, as well as monitoring effectiveness and regular implementation of further improvements. Each article on the website is based on SEO principles. It is a long-term process based on a mutual search for solutions.”

Joanna Barczykowska-Tchorzewska

Editor-in-Chief of, Vice-President of Pharma Partner

Case 2. Medme - 3616% increase in organic traffic

We partnered with our client Medme – a portal about health and healthy lifestyle. The site includes articles written by specialists on diseases and prophylaxis, a drug encyclopedia, BMI calculators, and blood alcohol level calculators.

Over the course of three years of our cooperation, we extended the website with new, valuable content and achieved a 3616% increase in organic traffic.

How did we achieve these results?

The answer is – an excellent long term marketing strategy. We created a strategy with monthly, semi-annual and annual perspectives.

Our activities based on long term marketing strategy:

  • Technical and semantic audit
  • Editorial SEO training
  • Implementing technical improvements
  • Optimization and creation of website content

The website is developing very dynamically. In July 2019, it reached 3.5 million unique users, nearly 5 million organic sessions per month and is still growing!

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  • 3.5 m unique users
  • 5 m organic sessions/month
  • 3616% increase in organic traffic

What are the main benefits for a Healthcare Business?

People are searching for health-related advice in Google more often now than ever. With great SEO content, you have a chance to improve your online reach. Moreover, due to the high competition in the Healthcare Sector – SEO is a way to increase your organic traffic, increase the probability of conversions, and, as a result, bring higher revenues for your Healthcare Business.

  • ROI increase

  • Long-lasting results

  • High quality users

Social Media Care

What if you could respond to the immediate needs of your users and establish a mutual rapport with your audience? To achieve that, you need to approach Social Media strategically and plan content that is interesting and valuable for the target audience.


“As a healthcare provider, we base our business largely on patient trust. Whites Agency supported us in increasingly realizing the potential of Social Media channels and accurately responding to its challenges. The most important aspects of our cooperation with Whites Agency:
- A comprehensive approach - commitment and looking at the business holistically, and at social media as a tool to achieve its objectives.
- Partnership and trust, resulting from Whites' experience in the medical industry, among others, which has translated into well-chosen communication; hence, an adequate response in every situation, and a thorough understanding of the market.”

Justyna Gościńska-Bociong

PR & Communication Manager, Medicover Poland

The case of Medicover – a reduction of average Social Media response time from a few hours to 30 minutes!

How have we reduced the average social media response time from a few hours to 30 minutes, while increasing user engagement?

Medicover provides services in a very sensitive area – health, therefore communication is crucial. As a part of our project, we developed and implemented Social Media Strategies for Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter channels.

Our client’s results:

We created a website with coherent communication and graphics. Hence, the service attracts loyal and returning customers. We manage to keep the average response time at a satisfactory level. We achieved the objectives that we aimed for:

  • Strengthening brand awareness,
  • increasing awareness of services and products,
  • cooperation with the PR & Social Media departments as well as the medical department to create valuable content.

Click here to download the full case study

  • 600 comments on Social Media
  • 30 min response time
  • 3030 reactions

Why is it crucial to establish communication with the users?

Planning, producing, and analyzing User-Generated Content in Social Media attracts valuable users to your website.

Establishing B2H business dialogue translates into customer loyalty and an engaged community around your brand, which in turn increases the value of your business.

  • Loyal customers

  • Brand community

  • B2H dialogue