Cetaphil x Whites Agency. Organic traffic increased from 125% to 726% YoY. We’ve extended our cooperation to a new area: social media

In May 2020, we achieved a 125% increase in the organic traffic to the Cetaphil.pl website, and we published a detailed case study. A year later, in May 2021, the results were even better: an increase from 20k sessions to 150k sessions per month. In addition, we’ve handled communication on social media, doing it holistically and effectively. See for yourself.

On the Cetaphil website, belonging to the Galderma Group, we do SEO based on advisory and expert content.

What exactly?

  • Content tailored to the target group, featuring Cetaphil brand products.
  • We take care that the website linking profile is correct.
  • We publish content on external portals.
  • We conduct constant monitoring and SEO optimization activities.

What’s more, since December 2020 we have been taking care of the Cetaphil brand on social media.

  • We have created a strategy for the brand’s presence on social media.
  • We provide comprehensive communication in Facebook and Instagram channels.
  • We are responsible for graphics and creating content.
  • We moderate communication between users and the brands.
  • We co-create content and graphics for the needs of paid campaigns.

We’ve described our SEO cooperation in the May 2020 case study: + 125% YoY in skin cosmetics brand organic traffic –  Cetaphil a case study.

In 2020, we were very proud of these results, but the customer service had the potential for even greater growth. So we followed our strategy and kept at it.

Traffic from Google in 2021: an increase of 726%

At the beginning of our cooperation, we set the goal: to increase the awareness of the Cetaphil brand. In 2020, the website’s reach was improved by 125%. We constantly expanded the database of texts with high-quality advice and information in the area of ​​health, beauty and body and face care.  

How can we assess whether the goal has been met and the brand has actually become more recognizable and thus gained in value? This is suggested by publicly available Google Trends data


From April 2019 to April 2021 in TOP3 we observed 187% more valuable keyword phrases. At the same time, the TOP10 received 221% more.   

Cetaphil-top-eng_10As a result, the service grew from the base range of 20k sessions per month to over 150k sessions per month. Content marketing was tailored to user needs and intentions, bringing 7.2x growth.

Organic traffic from search results (04.2019-04.2021, data: Sessions, GA) 

We’ve extended our cooperation to a new area: social media

Whites is a digital marketing agency that can partner with clients in every area of digital ​​B2C and B2B activities. Therefore, in December 2020, we extended our scope of services for the Galderma Group to an area in which we have great experience: social media.

One of the main goals of expanding the collaboration was to introduce fresh, new communication on social media – both visually and verbally. Using – among other things – real-time marketing, we are presenting dermocosmetics in a new, attractive way. Constant references to current trends on Social Media and communication in the beauty industry allow us to emphasize a credible and modern message for the brand.

We adjust the message to broad groups of recipients, in accordance with the characteristics and purposes of four individual product lines: Classic, Pro Itch, Pro Oil, Pro Redness. We are building an image of the Cetaphil brand on social media channels that is expert but friendly. This is a space where we want to talk to users in their own voice.

What do we do?

  • Strategic workshops with the client and creation of a strategic document.
  • Refreshing the visual image and shifting the brand’s visual communication in the social media space.
  • Refreshing language communication, setting the tone of the brand.
  • Communication of 4 different lines of Cetaphil products via one profile, appropriate distribution of messages between different series of products, and thus different groups of recipients with varying needs.
  • Handling the brand’s Facebook and Instagram profiles, creating communication and content for these channels.
  • Support in the production of additional materials for advertising campaigns in the SM area.

What we do on social media must be effective, distinguishing the brand, while being clear to the recipient and compatible with the products. The client receives full service from us, from strategy and implementation to animations and graphics for advertising campaigns. This is how we like working best.

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