Red Bull is extending cooperation with Whites Agency – SEO support for Red Bull MOBILE

For nearly a year, we’ve been supporting Red Bull, a leader in the energy drinks industry. In May 2020, we extended our cooperation and since then, in the field of comprehensive SEO processes, we have also supported Red Bull MOBILE, an international mobile phone brand.

In Poland, Red Bull MOBILE successfully started in 2011 as a telecommunication offer provided by Play – mobile phone operator – both with respect to card and subscription.

Our role is to provide strategic support in the SEO area for by recommending and implementing optimization actions. When working on the project, it is essential for us to implement the priority changes in the long term, which in turn will contribute to our goal of working together – improving the visibility of the service. We are also responsible for link building. A dedicated SEO expert ensures the accuracy of the entire process and continuous performance monitoring.

In the coming months, we will continue to optimize and implement the most important elements for service.

We have been working on the Red Bull brand in the SEO area since August 2019. As a part of the project, we will strengthen in Google search results by creating a valuable content for it. We wrote about this in the info on the beginnings of our cooperation.

Increasing the visibility of services in search engines is one of the fields of Whites’ expertise. As a strategic partner, we approach the customer’s business in a holistic way. We focus on implementing digital strategies that not only deliver the expected results, but often outperform initial estimates. The choice of our services, among others Data-driven SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media and Performance Marketing, is always an individual matter and depends on the specific nature of the customer’s business.