Another Year of Organic Traffic Growth among Whites Agency’ Customers

It’s slowly becoming our tradition to prepare an annual report summarizing SEO activities for our clients – this year we have delivered it for the third time.

Both last year’s and two years ago surveys show growths above the market.

Below, we present an average growth of organic traffic on our clients’ websites recorded from previous years: in 2016 at 61%, and in 2017 at 63%. Two years ago, 80% of our customers recorded an increase in traffic, while a year ago, 91% of our customers recorded an increase in traffic.

Which results did we achieve this year?

This year’s summary brought further growth to our customers. We may proudly present the following results:

  • Organic traffic on our customers’ websites increased on average by 105% compared to the previous year (median 31%),
  • this has resulted in more than 12 million additional sessions a month,
  • 84% of the websites we were operating for our customers achieved growth.

What were the success factors in the past year?

1. Whites’ author method of creating expert content

Google algorithms increasingly appreciate quality and comprehensive content. In 2018 we developed our internal platform, which effectively connects SEO specialists, industry experts, editors, and proofreaders. Thanks to this, we can create up to 3,000 texts per month, which are recognized and appreciated by the search engine and generate millions of visits per month.

2. Closer cooperation with clients

Gone are the days when positioning was separated from other marketing activities or processes taking place in the company. We share Slack channels with many customers and we are in touch on a daily basis. We feel that we better understand the specifics of the business and therefore we can respond with a tailored SEO strategy.

Why did some of the websites not grow?

We want all our customers to achieve their goals and increase their visibility. In order to be transparent, we’ve chosen November as the month of traffic comparison. Every industry and every customer has its specificity. Below, you may see the reasons why websites did not record any growths:

  • changes in the interest in the customer’s offer – there are cases where, despite an improvement in the position for keywords, the traffic generated by these phrases is lower than a year ago,
  • the decrease in brand inquiries – traffic and positions on commercial phrases are growing, however, the interest in inquiries related to the customer’s brand is decreasing. It makes the total traffic lower than in the previous year,
  • starting cooperation after intensive drops – oftentimes customers decide to change SEO agencies when there are significant invisibility drops. Despite increases, we have not managed to recover all of last year’s levels yet.

How did we conduct our research?

The research was conducted on 49 websites with which we have been cooperating for at least 3 months, and at least some of our recommendations have been implemented. We compared the results of November 2018 to November 2017. We took into account only those websites where it was possible to make a comparison of Y/Y (in November they had traffic).