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+125% YoY in organic traffic of a dermo-cosmetic brand – Cetaphil case study

Cetaphil is a great example of a company that we have attained a joint success with. This international brand of dermo-cosmetics, specialized in caring for… Read More

A 70% Increase in Conversion rate Within a Month due to Data-Driven SEO — a Case Study of the Football Website Sporticos

How did we increase the business value of organic traffic? We achieved this by increasing the conversion rate by 70% in one month, thanks to… Read More

Adweek names Whites Agency among TOP 100 Fastest Growing Agencies in the World!

Whites Agency’s Revenues Grew by 153% Between 2017-2019 I am pleased to congratulate you on being named to the second annual Adweek 100: Fastest Growing… Read More

Diving into word embeddings: Word2Vec and ELMO algorithms

Up till around 2013, words were treated as atomic units, meaning algorithms would not be able to indicate any similarity between synonymous words, while humans… Read More

NLP in SEO – a way to understand Google to improve your online visibility

Google’s tale of a word being a noun and a verb: that is, how can I improve my company’s visibility by understanding how Google works,… Read More

Google’s BERT Update – How is NLP changing SEO in 2020?

BERT – the 2018 state of the art language model for NLP. It was and still is widely mentioned in SEO because it’s used by… Read More

The attention mechanism and deep learning – a gem among state of the art NLP

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing “attention”! This is a crucial mechanism in the deep learning field, causing a revolution in not only natural language processing (NLP)… Read More

Introducing Doc2vec algorithm by NLP and its use in SEO

Doc2vec (2014, Mikolov et al.) makes it possible to find constant size representation for documents with varying lengths, which is better than a Bag… Read More

What is the benefit of using Transformer in NLP?

Transformer is a deep learning model used in NLP. Transformer made it possible to facilitate greater parallelization during training and thus enabled training for larger… Read More

How do automation and machine learning support Online Marketing?

Some time ago, Agnieszka Zawadzka, Head of Research and Analysis in Whites, conducted a webinar on using Machine Learning in online marketing. The subject attracted… Read More